DAIS is a company with highly trained professionals in the use of Drone technology for the transformation of Industry 4.0.

We collect, analyze and deliver valuable information for a growing number of industries and sectors.

We have the support of the USS Group, with more than 25 years of experience in the electronic security market.

Partners, Services and Products

LiDAR Processing and Operations throughout Latin America, with its scientific excellence for the use of advanced sensors in industry and military-grade operational expertise.
Juniper Unmanned

LiDAR at its best - the wide variety of equipment allows us to select the ideal tool for each operation (Electric Corridors, Forestry, Civil Engineering, Oil & Gas, etc.).
Green Valley International Inc.

TRACE GROUP a company specialized in the provision of inspection and technical supervision services, focusing on the energy and industrial markets.

Optelos visual asset inspection software transforms drone data, imagery and IoT sensor data into actionable information to help companies reduce inspection costs, increase asset quality and improve workgroup collaboration.

The first equipment in accident detection and abatement to get direct permission (FAA) for BVLOS (Flight Beyond Line of Sight).
IRIS Automation

Stand-alone solutions for daily, continuous use and tremendous impact on the digitization of the Security and Logistics industry. Perimeter surveillance systems with direct streaming and up to the minute warehouse inventory and loading stations.
Flytbase, Flytnow & Flytware

our technology


  • Accurate photogrammetry
  • RGB 30X Zoom
  • LiDAR
  • HD Video
  • Thermal
  • Magnetometer
  • Multispectral (VIS, NIR, SWIR)

Drone Pilot

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Perspectives on Industry Digitalization

Monitoring change with Remote Sensing Geospatial analysis coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is forever transforming asset management across industries. They turn imagery and data into intelligence for precise actions. In this way, the remote sensing technologies of digitization are making an impact on all layers of companies managing assets....

Construction site monitoring with drones

In the realization of a construction project, architectural or engineering professionals require continuous monitoring to ensure the success of any construction. This monitoring process has been simplified thanks to the great advances in technology. For this reason, in recent years, construction site monitoring with drones has been used for monitoring tasks...

Bathymetric techniques using drones

Bathymetry has multiple applications. That is why it is important to know what it means and what it is used for. We will also tell you all about the bathymetric techniques that are performed with drones. Bathymetry is a science that allows us to study marine depths, lagoons or even water courses. It is used to carry out surveys for the purpose of...

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